A VIP Barbados Carnival Experience

From the creators of the annually SOLD OUT Ultimate Trinidad Carnival comes Ultimate Crop Over, a done-for-you Barbados Carnival Experience. 

We're an accredited, A+ rated Better Business Bureau business, travel with you to Barbados to ensure everything is taken care of and coordinate everything on your behalf.

Let us do the work; all you need to do is show up!

What do you get with Ultimate Crop Over?

Travel with the Carnival pros

Hello! We're Esha and Tarik Davis, creators of Ultimate Crop Over.  We know - a lot - about Carnival having taken over 200 clients (and counting) to experience Trinidad Carnival.  We even met at Trinidad Carnival waaay back in 2006; this is a photo of us when we met!

Ultimate Crop Over is just 1 of the experiences that we coordinate under the umbrella of our retreat planning business, Events by Ashé LLC.  Our business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust that we're real people who will ensure that you have a great Barbados Carnival Experience!

Events by Ashe, LLC is a BBB Accredited Event Planner in Raleigh, NC

Rayven Michelle, Texas, USA

"Awww man. I feel like crying. I loved so many things [about Trinidad Carnival] that I really miss being there. Just the sheer HAPPINESS experienced by everyone in and outside of our group will never be forgotten. And as I already shared in the FB group, the love and support of our group. This entire experience helped me break through body issues I had for years and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to have these moments to look back on as a time in my life where I was TRULY FREE TO BE ME!"

What our feters say...

We'll order, purchase, pick up and deliver your mas costume to you at the hotel.  Try on your costume in the comfort of your room and forgo the hassle of long wait times at the mas camp!

We're confident that Ultimate Crop Over is all you need for a seamless, fun and amazing Carnival experience!  For the Carnival virgin, you'll get an introduction to a fantastic and colorful parade that eases you into the Carnival culture.  For the seasoned masquerader, you'll get room on de road to play yuh mas in a beautiful costume, the fetes that you crave and the convenience of having it all organized for you. 

Here's what you'll get as an Ultimate Crop Over  feter...

While we focus on the details, you'll focus on having fun and making new friends!  Isn't that what Carnival is all about?


A done-for-you experience

Your mas costume

We'll arrange your party tickets and you'll skip the headache!  The parties included in your itinerary give you the VIP treatment, all while you focus on having fun!  It'll be non-stop'll need to rest up to prepare :)

Parties galore

You'll get transportation included in your package to the events on your itinerary.  We're rolling out the VIP treatment for you.  You won't be the designated driver this Carnival!

Make new friends

Don't drive, be driven

Merate, New York, USA

"I loved that everything was so well organized!  Esha was so patient with all of the questions I had and I knew once the time for Carnival came, I had nothing to worry about.  I had a ridiculous amount of fun and got to meet some great people.  Plus my trip was tailored for me...and I never had to worry about getting to and from events."

What our feters say...

All you need to do is make your deposit and we'll invoice you every month until your package is paid in full.  We accept payments via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.  Getting to Crop Over couldn't be any easier!

Easy Payment Plans

Day 5 - Sunday Aug 5, 2018

Get our Carnival Diva Upgrade

Day 6 - Monday Aug 6, 2018

Day 1 - Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

*All feters*

  • Today's busy day starts with "Foreday morning", which is a big street party with paint!  Start partying in the dark until the sun is high in the sky.
  • After cleaning up (and resting) at the Hilton Barbados Resort, we'll take you to de next fete!  It's time to get that "blissful" feeling at this all-inclusive :)
  • After partying all day, it's back to the Hilton Barbados Resort for relaxing...

*1-night Upgrade Feters*

  • You'll arrive at the Barbados airport and be whisked away to the Hilton Barbados Resort to get settled in.  
  • Try on your tailored costume during your personalized costume fitting to make sure you're road ready!
  • Perhaps you'll take a quick trip to the beach that's just outside your hotel?
  • At night fall, it's time for our 1st fete on the agenda.  De partying starts right away!
  • Next day: we'll take you on a rum tour, complete with tasting!  Yum!

Here's a breakdown of what you'll be doing on each day of your Ultimate Crop Over Experience.

Dates of travel:

5-night Premium Experience ~ Thursday Aug 2 to Tuesday Aug 7, 2018

Plus 1-night Upgrade ~ Wednesday Aug 1 to Tuesday Aug 7, 2018

Day 2 - Thursday Aug 2, 2018

Your Ultimate Crop Over itinerary

*All Feters*

  • You'll arrive at the Barbados airport and be whisked away to the Hilton Barbados Resort to get settled in.  
  • Try on your tailored costume during your personalized costume fitting to make sure you're road ready!
  • Then it's time to taste some delicious, local Bajan cuisine at a local restaurant.
  • Chill out at the Hilton Barbados Resort until it's time to...
  • Get ready to fete (and sweat) with the first fete on your itinerary.  

*All feters*

  • After breakfast it's time for more partying and we're not at the parade yet!  Next up is a boat cruise fete.  Ever partied on a boat?  Well, now you will!
  • After rocking de boat, maybe you'll take some time to chill out on de beach or on the Hilton Barbados Resort's grounds.
  • Get ready for the big parade tomorrow!

*All feters*

  • Have a fresh, hot breakfast at the Hilton Barbados Resort after a hard night of partying!
  • Then it's time to get sailing on a private boat cruise.  Jump in the beautiful waters for a swim or just work on your tan - the choice is yours.
  • Head back to the hotel for some much needed rest, take in a lime and get ready for more partying tomorrow!

Day 3 - Friday Aug 3, 2018

*All feters*

  • It's time for the big show!  Put on your tailored costume, get your Carnival makeup done and we'll take you to meet the band.
  • Parade through the streets in your beautiful costume, drink in hand, winin' to de ground!
  • Barbados Carnival ends at the beach.  Have lunch and hang out while resting your weary feet :)

The Carnival Diva Upgrade will complete your look on de road!

You'll get:

  • Customized footwear to complement your tailored costume.
  • Mas tights to complete your look.
  • Personalized mas pouch to carry your essentials during the parade.

Day 4 - Saturday Aug 4, 2018

Do you want more?

PLUS, you'll get our bonuses 

(a value of $1,000, just for you)!

Private Facebook group access

We'll deliver an Ultimate Crop Over Survival Kit directly to your doorstep filled with items to help you survive Barbados Carnival!

Each webinar will be dedicated to a topic e.g. Carnival parade, costumes, etc. We'll go through everything that you need to know while you get to know your fellow feters :)

Ultimate Crop Over Survival Kit

Get to "meet" and hang out with your fellow Carnivalistas!  Everyone who's going to Crop Over will be in this secret Facebook group.  You can share and post in privacy without everything going to your personal page.

The Ultimate Crop Over Team 

Personalized webinars

Your Ultimate Crop Over Team will be with you in Barbados.  We'll make sure everything runs smoothly, and ensure you're taken care of in a strange country.

Cecilee, Toronto, Canada

"Roman and I are safely back in New York (insert tear drop here).  Just wanted to say we had a fantastic time!  It was great to meet you all - you're a great group!  We will be posting our pics shortly and God willing, take more pics with you next year!

Esha and Tarik - thank you for providing a well organized, "off the charts" Carnival experience!  We handed out your postcard already to those who were jealous of our experience!"

What our feters say...

Just $339 pp

Just $529 pp

See our pricing below.  Pricing is for double occupancy (2 people per room).

Pricing is per person in US dollars.

Please contact us for single and triple occupancy (no quad occupancy available).

1-night Upgrade

Carnival Diva Upgrade

5-night Premium Experience

Our Ultimate Crop Over pricing

Our 5-night Premium Experience includes everything you need to experience Crop Over (with no planning on your part):

  • Accommodations at the Hilton Barbados Resort with daily breakfast and internet access.
  • Your tailored midline costume with Aura, an all-inclusive mas band.  Includes  costume pickup and a personalized costume fitting.
  • Carnival makeup to accentuate your beautiful costume.
  • All-inclusive Foreday morning band access including paint, drinks, breakfast and bacchanal!
  • Tickets to 3 fetes.
  • A relaxing yacht trip to experience the beautiful island of Barbados.
  • A delicious group dinner to sample the delicious local cuisine.
  • All ground transportation to and from all events on your itinerary including airport transfers.
  • Special Ultimate Crop Over bonuses!  Click here to see them.

Upgrade your 5-night Premium Experience   and you'll get:

  • An additional night's stay at the Hilton Barbados Resort.
  • Tickle your taste buds during a rum factory tour.
  • 1 additional fete ticket to party de night away!

Just $3,498 pp

The Carnival Diva Upgrade will complete your look on de road!  You'll get:

  • Customized footwear to complement your tailored costume.
  • Mas tights to complete your look.
  • Personalized mas pouch to carry your essentials during the parade.

Ready to learn more?

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